Friday, December 24

It's that time of year

When Christmas song have been playing since mid-November you can't take it anymore and you just wanna punch someone (preferable a Santa at the mall) right in the face for being so damn 'jolly' oh the holidays~
Well I thought instead of drumming up a punch of Christmas eye-candy {I think I did that last year so if you didn't see it then go look for it it's awesome [because I'm to lazy to go look for it and post it hear (thats also the reason i don't feel like looking for a bunch of seasonal sexy Sants's and what not and post them here)]}  Go to the bottom of the post for  picspam xP
I was unlazy enough to go look for some Christmas(y) songs for you to hear so that we have less punched out Santa's running around punching little kids because they're so mad and hate their jobs and just got punched in the face by a stranger.
Anywho, here's some Christmas songs in languages you can't understand (unless you speak Japanese of Korean)

C-ute ~ Aitai Lonely Christmas
(equal amount of lines?! :O .... :D)

Arashi ~ Dear Snow (I had the pv up here but it got taken down so here's a perf)

AKB48 ~ Yoyaku shita Christmas (same thing as the Arashi video)

JYP Nation ~ This Christmas Eng Sub {Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, miss A, Joo, J.Lim, and San E}

Jellyfish Entertainment ~ Christmas Time {Park Hyo Shin, Sung Shi Kyung, Brian Joo, Seo In Kook, Kim Hyung Joon, Lisa, and Park Hak Ki}

After School ~ Love Love Love

F.CUZ ~ Wanna Be Your Love

Yoseob (Beast) & Drama (Dalmation) ~ First Snow and First Kiss (Sub)

Jiyoung (Kara) & Sungje (Supernova) ~ Merry Love

{Click the link for more videos and a picspam!}

Thursday, December 16

The Time Has Come...

...To Say Goodbye.

Don't fret, its not to this blog (even tho its pretty dead) but to three of the funniest members of my favorite Japanese group Morning Musume. But First I have to apologize for not keeping up with this blog I've gotten such a good response since making it and I've even made it on Hello!Sayunii's blogroll! I've actually started doing things normal teenager are supposed to too and being 18 I'm technically an adult so I'm trying to make the most of my life before i become an adult that is no longer a teenager anyway enough with personal drabble. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for not keeping up with this blog and even my sidebar links are outdated.

On to main point of this post though (again sorry it took me so long to post about it) anyone who hasn't been living under a rock knows that three beloved members of Momusu- Kame, Jun, and Lin -graduated yesterday, December 15 2010. But you hear that in every single thing you read so to give you something different to read I'll give you my experience of the news.

I was at a convention (AFO) the weekend of the announcement and the hotel we were staying at didn't have wireless and the cord they gave us to hook up to the phone wasn't working so eventually we tried unplugging and replugging stuff and were able to get the internet. So I was on at around 2 am on Saturday night/Sunday morning (according to my twitter) catching up on news and stuff. Then around 5 am so I decided I should try to get a few hours of sleep so I checked my twitter and saw H!O and pretty much every person I follow tweeting the news and talking about their feelings (sorry didn't think about taking a screen cap then) and I was disbelief and was pretty tired so I was just thinking why and thank goodness its not gaki and ah how am I going to sleep now (in case you didn't see my tweet that night) So I clicked on the links people were posting and scouring blogs I don't remember too much, just shock then remembering I had to sleep so I reluctantly put my laptop away and got some shut eye.

To be honest with the lack of activity from H!P artists and the awesomeness that ensues in South Korea, I've been much more into all things kpop (lol unintentional allkpop pun) and even with this announcement I still am but after getting home Sunday night and getting on my computer again it was like it hit me for the first time again and I thought "so I wasn't in a sleepless delusional state, momusu is really going to be its smallest number of members since their debut..."

Saturday, December 11


I'm still alive!!
You should expect atleast 2 post before the end of 2010 and they are:
~Graduation picspam in honor of Eri, Jun, and Lin leaving :(
~Christmas post full of Asian Christmas songs and MVs (and possibly a picspam)

Be patient my lovelies! and if you have any holiday pictures (like sexy idol Santa's) or songs PLEASE SEND ME THEM!

Wednesday, October 20

Double 2

Even though I've been away from this blog and knee deep in K-pop I haven't forget about my first love: J-pop, specifically Niigaki Risa who turned 22 on October 20 2010. So I figured, in honor of my favorite girl I ouw you guys a pic spam.

But while in the midst of my pic spam i got distracted and decied a gaki gif spam would be even more awesome. So enjoy a few awesome gaki pics then a CRAPOLA OF AWESOME GAKI GIFS! So, without furth adu, click on the little read more link to witness the amazment that awaits you~

Sunday, September 26

*peaks out from a corner*

SORRY~ that i haven't kept this updated. College keeps me busy but its mostly because I'm lazyyyy
I had a post almost finished about eri, lin, and jun's graduation back in August but i never got around to finishing it and posting it so i decided I'll save it when when they actually graduate and there will be a gigantic picspam it will be GARGANTUOUS! I really do wanna keep this blog going but I'm finding it, I don't really know time consuming, boring but none the less I will try to do a post here every so often and I may eventually get back into blogging again. I've been wanting to post an update entry for a while but I guess the reason I suddenly decided to is cuz the awesome omame blog will be going byebye eventually. I haven't even been keeping up with other peoples blog either mostly because I've transitioned over to the dark side aka kpop and I'm getting my fix of sexy men (and girl....and trannies) ^^ i recently made an account on allkpop/tokyohive forums so you should add me also my display name for pretty much every forum or site i join is peachyney so feel free to search me out on any sites your on and add me. but yeah I would like to eventually fix this blog up a bit as the side bars need updating and such but I'm just not in the mood at the moment so it will probably be a very gradual transition that will take us into the next year (can you believe only 3 more months till 2010 is over?!) So yeah, I am pretty active on my twitter though and if you haven't noticed I added a twitpic thingy on the side bar for people who still check up on this blog. Might add some pictures and video to this post but for right now i just wanted to update and tell you I'm still here! and didn't want this to become like a bunch of posts i have that I've started but never finished nor made public.